Designed with Industry Focus, EFFISM is a revolutionary tool designed to measure and enhance the efficiency of an individual, transform their lives and character, and improve them daily. EFFISM allows individuals to utilize 24 hours of their lives effectively and transforms them into HARTOISE, combining the strengths of a fast-moving efficient Hare and the consistency of a Tortoise.

EFFISM is developed and industrially validated by the Research and Development wing of Aries International Maritime Research Institute (AIMRI). EFFISM has been practiced successfully by over 1000 employees in all 78 subdivisions of Aries Group of Companies and witnessed enhanced flexibility, better overall value addition, increased trainee awareness, satisfaction, and an overall increase in company profits continually.

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Hartoise Certification

EFFISM or Efficiency Improvement System Management firmly believes that the future belongs to consistently efficient professionals who have a substantial role in their respective organizations. As a newbie professional, stepping into the Corporate world right after academia is daunting since you are expected to know the intricate nuance of working in a corporate setting and understand the industry's unwritten rules. In this age of technological advancement where every second counts, one must undergo a complete personality makeover to survive and succeed. Thus, to measure and enhance a professional's Efficiency and transform their character and life, EFFISM introduced the Hartoise Certification program, which covers the basic time management principle of 1:1:1 for Mind, Body, and Karma. It includes 100 modules that incorporate 100 critical efficiency parameters that will help you enhance your personal and professional life and transform you into a systematic professional (Hartoise) with optimal productivity. The Certification is offered in 3 Levels and is implemented via online exams, digital lectures, digital tutorials, personal face-to-face mentoring, and self-assessment methods channelled through EFFISM software.

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Benefits of HARTOISE Certification

Benefits of HARTOISE Certification Industry professionals and experts have designed Hartoise Certification to make you 'Future Ready.' You can now learn at your pace and transform yourself into a “HARTOISE” with enhanced efficiency, High Productivity, and Consistency. This Global Industry certification will support your personality and skill development, help you design your career, and mould you to fit into the industry seamlessly. Discover the leader in you with Hartoise certification, learn the art of Life management, and master yourself with a SMART approach.

100 Professional and Personal goals with Practical Application

Structured content created in line with international standards

Experiential Learning & Analysis

Simulative Systems developed by Industry Experts

Flexible Learning

Psychometric Assessments based on scientific tools

Aries Group of Companies

100 Parameters

Aries Group of Companies

Aries Group

Founded by Mr. Sohan Roy on 28th March 1998 in UAE, Aries Group started with its flagship brand, Aries Marine. It then became one of the largest multinational conglomerates in the Middle East, with 66 companies operating in 116 countries worldwide. In the last 26 years, Aries Group has collaborated with more than 9407 national and international clients and successfully executed more than 1,01,610 projects.

Besides providing fast, economic, and satisfactory services to its clients worldwide, Aries Group has constantly been devising innovative ways to pave the way for some remarkable changes globally. 'Time is Money…We Count Even Seconds' is the slogan of every member of the Aries family, and we make sure that all our client requirements are met in a special record time. Today, the group's legacy has been imprinted in various sectors, including Maritime, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Petrochemical, Aviation, Media, Medical, Entertainment, Education, and IT.

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Aries Group of Companies
Aries Group Founder Chairman


Sir Sohan Roy SK is a Forbes listed Entrepreneur and Founder Chairman & CEO of Aries Group of Companies, a multinational consortium of 66 companies in 116 countries. He is the conceptualizer and concept creator of EFFISM or Efficiency Improvement System Management. He has a glittering record of achievements with a rare combination of experience from Maritime, Visual Media, and Hollywood. He diversified from his humble beginning as a Naval Architect into fields such as Maritime, Entertainment, 3D Technology, IT, Media, Multiplexes, Healthcare, and Tourism. He is the Director of Hollywood venture DAM999, founder-director of Concept Indywood, the USD 10 billion project, and author of 'Anukavyam, an anthology of short poems on socially relevant issues and the latest current affairs. As an internationally recognized Naval Architect and Hollywood director, his creative works have brought him an entry to the Oscars and the Guinness Book of Records. Besides being a renowned entrepreneur, he is also a motivational speaker and has over 6 International papers to his credit. For his efforts to preserve the environment and unconventional contributions to humanity and world cinema, he was honoured with the Knighthood of Parte Guelfa in Florence, Italy.

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